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HEALTH! During the competition, everyone (YOGA POSES FOR KIDS) is eager to climb the stairs of success. Then whether the path is stony or smooth. The reason is that many parents also force children to climb the stairs of success on their own.


For this, they seek skill in addition to studies in them. They want their children to be aware of many new things. Be multi-linguistic, aware of acting, dancing, robotics, coding, martial arts and gymnastics etc. There are special schools in cities for this.

If seen, parents are also not wrong. They want children to be all rounders and succeed in the competitive and technological age. For this, children are being trained since childhood. Children’s childhood is being lost in this sequence. Obviously, children would get bored when involved in so many activities.

They will feel lonely and sad somewhere. After all, how much burden have we put on them. In such a situation, you can connect children with yoga. Yoga helps in the all round development of children.




  • The practice of regular yoga will bring flexibility in the child’s body. Each of its postures teaches children how various organs coordinate with the breath to smooth the entire bodily system.
  • Yoga brings awareness among children. This helps them to respect, love and care for their bodies.
  • Apart from this, the child’s immunity is also strengthened by yoga. In future, diseases will not come out around him either.
  • Yoga is a natural booster, which improves immunity and helps to build a strong defense mechanism. Usually children have abdominal pain, indigestion, flatulence And there are complaints of constipation. Do this in children by doing regular yoga Complaints are reduced to zero and the digestive system is strengthened.
  • This leads to good blood circulation of oxygen and nutrients in the heart. Due to poor lifestyle many diseases develop in children. Also, sticking to the TV or mobile screen makes children obese. The better solution is Yoga.



  • By doing regular yoga, endorphin hormone (hormone of happiness) is released, which brings happiness and confidence in the body. That is, more work is spent in the work, which leads to success. It also teaches children to focus on themselves and be aware of the shortcomings.
  • Yoga helps children to identify, control and behave with their emotions. It controls their state of mind.
  • Yoga also helps to find inner happiness, which leads to positive thinking. This thinking haunts the hardest to get through. At the same time, courage binds you in any situation, do not panic and do not waver from the goal. There will definitely be some success.




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