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By doing Yogasan, the body remains healthy. If you do yoga regularly, then every disease gets rid of. But do you know that with the help of Yogasan, sexual power can also be increased. Regular practice of these Yogasanas removes all the weaknesses of the body.



Lie on your back and bend your knees. The heels are close to the buttocks. Keep both hands upside down at a slight gap behind the shoulders. This keeps the balance. Breathing in, lift the waist and chest up. Slowly try to bring hands and feet closer, so that the body becomes like a circle. While leaving the posture, loosen the body and rest the waist on the ground. Do this action 3-4 times.

Performing this asana increases work power. The thyroid, thymus and sex glands are stimulated, causing the release of hormones in a balanced manner. This asana removes all their diseases by severely affecting the ovaries and uterus of women. Girls and teenagers must do this asana, as it leads to proper development of their genitals and breasts.


Janushirasan (Yoga for sexual ability)


Sitting in Dandasana, bend the right foot and apply the claw to the core of the left thigh and keep the heel close. Holding the paws of the left foot with both hands, exhale and apply the head to the knee. After stopping for a while, take a breath and rise up and repeat the same with the other leg.

Sexual posture is awakened in women indifferent to sex. The sex of both men and women is strong.


Sleepy vajrasana (Yoga for sexual ability)


Sitting in Vajrasana, keeping the hands towards the back, with the help of them, tilt the head back on the ground while tilting the body back. Knees should be held and are grounded. Slowly try to keep the shoulders, throat and back also on the ground. Keep the hands straight on the thighs. While exhaling, sit in Vajrasana with the help of elbows and hands.

This makes the vagina of women strong and they do not have much pain during delivery. The thighs of both men and women are strong. This asana is very useful in sex.



Scientific researches have shown that with the help of yoga rugs, it helps eliminate sexual disorders and the reproductive organs are strengthened. University of Texas said that by doing yoga yoga, the heartbeat of women is correct, which also directly affects the reproductive organs. Apart from this, many benefits of yoga are also seen in men. Because by doing yoga, mind disorders disappear and feel powerful.


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