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The AMNEW247 Opinion section publishes analysis, argument and essays on a wide variety of subjects. We’re looking for timeliness (pegged to news), persuasion pitched to the other side, new information, novel arguments, revelatory insights, passion without partisanship, first-person experience, original reporting that reveals fresh angles and makes news, expert knowledge, and/or a topic that will drive conversation on social media and in the real world.

We only accept pieces that are submitted exclusively to AMNEW247. We do not accept material that has been published on blogs, social media or anywhere else.


Columns typically run 550 to 750 words. They should be pasted directly into an email and sent to Pieces should include links (URLs, not headlines or footnotes) to back up quotes and factual material. People featured in columns must be identified by their real, full names.


Please include a short biography, two sentences at most, to run at the end of your column. If you or a business, trade group or other institution with which you are associated stands to gain financially or in any other way from your column, you should disclose that information to us in detail. In most cases, it should also be included in the body of the piece or in the author’s biographical information.


We do not publish open letters, class projects or material that has been submitted to multiple outlets. Rebuttals to editorials and columns published in  AMNEW247 should be submitted as letters to the editor, not as full-length essays.


Due to the volume of submissions, we can’t respond to all columns sent to us. If we are interested in your essays, you will hear from us within three business days.



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