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HEALH! Tobacco used as a narcotic is now being (WOMEN USE TOBACCO ) used to boost sex drive. According to a report by the Daily Star, incidents of women boosting the sex drive by placing tobacco in the vagina (genitals) are continuously coming out. Doctors believe that women doing this in the call of sex are playing with their lives.


While people are telling it a formula to boost sex drive. On the other hand, doctors have issued a warning regarding this. Doctors say that by doing this you will lose your hands from sexual pleasure forever. Boosting the sex drive through smoking products is like courting death.



Professor Pascal Fomen, ‘becomes the cause of diseases such as tobacco ulcer, which, by shrinking the vagina, hardens it and can close it forever.’

According to a report by Sci Dev Net, tobacco also affects the normal menstruation. Due to the impact on the menstruation, women will also have problems in conceiving.


Gynecologist Dr. Abdulaye Diop says that it can also become a major cause of contraction of the vagina. Victims who hold tobacco in the vagina have realized that their genitals are becoming smaller because their intimate muscles are slipping backwards.

Doctor Diop says, ‘This feeling is transient and confusing. Doing so is dangerous for vaginal mucosa, due to which the risk of fatal disease like cancer also increases.


Most of such cases have come from West African country Senegal. Many women in this country are playing with their lives to get sexual pleasure.

There are such misconceptions among people in Senegal that tobacco found in 13 paise can make you feel the seventh heaven.


Explain that this product is obtained from dried tobacco leaves, tree roots and plant extracts. Apart from this, substances like soda and shea butter are also added to it to make it more effective. All such things are considered very dangerous for health. Such practicals can harm women’s health even more.


Unfortunately, people using it have also revealed its side-effects. According to the report, after using it, there have been complaints of dizziness and burning sensation in women. Despite this, such incidents are not decreasing.


A Senegal health worker, Gnima Ndiye, is talking to similar women living in the illusion of boosting sex drills by placing tobacco in vagina and informing them about its dangers. Gnima Ndiye is meeting the suffering women and informing them about its dangers and appealing to them not to do so.


Neyaba (50), a resident of Senegal, said that a relative of his had advised him to keep tobacco in the private part. Neiba could not become a mother for a long time. Then one of his relatives told him that this formula said that by doing this, she will become pregnant easily. Neiba said that when he tried this formula on himself, he had to go through a lot of pain. Neiba had a stomach ache all the time.






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