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Cybercondria is becoming a common problem. Whenever you see some different symptoms in your body, then you start searching about the symptoms on Google and you start fearing serious diseases. It is becoming common in most of the people and it can also cause nervousness, anxiety, needless medical care and damage to our everyday activities. In a recent research, researchers have found a way to overcome cyberchondria. An online therapy has been developed to reduce Google’s addiction to more health-related questions.



What is cybercondria:

The nervousness and anxiety caused by the search of Google more about the symptoms and diseases of diseases is called cybercondria. When you are unable to control yourself by searching in Google about diseases, you are extremely worried, nervous and afraid. This affects everyday life.

Tests to cure the disease:

Researchers tested whether online treatment programs could help in removing cyberchondria. The research was conducted on 41 people. Online treatment is based on cognitive behavioral therapy. To think and behave
Easier methods are taught. In this research, six participants Completed the online CBT module in 12 weeks.

During this time he was also supported by a psychiatrist. This treatment showed how to search Google related to health can be a problem.
Researchers found that the side effects of cyberchondria could be reduced in those taking CBT treatment compared to the control group. Its participants search on Google about diseasesGet over your addiction.

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