Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

Coronavirus-Donald Trump did not touch his face for several days

Coronavirus-Donald Trump did not touch his face for several days




Washington-amnews247! US President Donald Trump (washington news ) said that he could not even touch his face with Corona virus. In fact, an officer in the White House told them that everyone should wash their hands repeatedly and not touch the face.


US President Donald Trump has a different complaint from Coronavirus. He says that due to measures to avoid infection, he is not able to touch his face, which he misses a lot. He said this during a White House meeting.


America is also not untouched by the corona that has spread to 70 countries of discovery. So far 9 people have died here and 100 people have died. The Trump government has been taking all necessary precautions. At the same time, Trump claims that the disease will disappear to some miracle, then opposition Democrats are seeking the necessary funds to fight it.


On the other hand, Trump on Wednesday held a meeting with executives and administrative officials of airline companies at the White House on sanitation measures to prevent the spread of the -19 virus. Meanwhile, officials told that the cleanliness drive for the passengers of the aircraft has been intensified.


White House’s Coronavirus Response Coordinator Deborah Birx, who was present at the meeting, reminded Trump, “Let everyone wash their hands and don’t touch their faces.” On this, Trump said jokingly, “I haven’t touched my face for a few weeks, I’m missing it.”







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