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London! US President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau once again feuded. This time the two leaders made fun of each other on camera. Trudeau teased Trump in front of leaders of four countries during a conversation at Buckingham Palace. At the same time, Trump told Trudeau as a couple in a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Not only this, Trump was so angry with the joke he made on him that he left the summit held at the summit and returned to America shortly after.


What did Trudeau say for Trump?


In a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Trump made a nearly 53-minute-long speech. According to the White House, he had only 20 minutes to speak. Trump then arrived for talks with French President Macron. Here too, Trump spent about 38 minutes extra time in talks and press conferences. After this, when Macron met the rest of the leaders at Buckingham Palace, Trudeau took a dig at him being late.


In the video of Buckingham Palese, Trudeau was shown standing alongside British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron, Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Root and Queen Elizabeth’s daughter Princess Ann. At the beginning of the footage, Johnson asks Macron where have you been late? At this, Trudeau interrupts, saying – Macron is late, as they hold an additional 40-minute press conference in front of their conversation. Trudeau continues – “You saw his (Trump’s) team, how they are left speechless.”


What did Trump answer?


Trump said in a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel after the video of Trudeau and other leaders went viral, “Trudeau is a double-faced man. I considered him a good man, but the truth is that I asked him to spend 2% of his GDP to protect Canada. It seems that I was upset with this. They have money. They are spending more than they should. “


Trump left the NATO press conference midway


On the completion of 70 years of the NATO alliance, the leaders promised to conference for the Statement of Unity. However, Trump angrily left the conference and returned to the US. He told the reporters – we will go straight back. We think we have done more news conferences.


Presidential candidate Biden joked



Former US Vice President and Democratic contender for the 2020 election, presidential candidate Joe Biden, has mocked Trump over the incident. Biden shared the edited video saying, “The whole world is laughing at President Trump. They see Trump the way Trump is. Dangerously inept and incapable of global leaders.



There has been controversy in Trump-Trudeau before


Trump and Trudeau were also seen during the G-7 summit held in Canada last year. Even then Trump left the conference midway. Trudeau accused Trump in the G-7 of raising the issue of trade and import duties. On this, Trump said that Trudeau’s statements are false and he is a weak leader. In addition, Trump’s offer to include Russia in the G-7 disagreed with the other 6 countries. Trump left the conference midway on this.

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