Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

Impeachable security of Trump: Hercules aircraft arrives in Gujarat 

Impeachable security of Trump: Hercules aircraft arrives in Gujarat



INDIA! Before President Donald Trump and Melania Trump arrive in Ahmedabad,(trump india visit) vigorous preparations are on for their reception and security. Stringent arrangements are being made for security. Meanwhile, American Air Force Hercules aircraft and snipers have reached Ahmedabad.

Actually, Donald and Melania Trump will be visiting India on February 24-25. Trump will first come to Ahmedabad in Gujarat on 24 February. The grand program of the trump is proposed at Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad. During this time, the preparation of security arrangements for Donald Trump’s tour is almost complete. An impenetrable security system has been created for the trump.



Meanwhile, on Monday, the American Air Force Hercules aircraft reached Ahmedabad airport. This aircraft included all the vehicles that were under the protection of the trump. American Airforce’s Hercules plane includes things like the convoy car sniper and fire safety system and spy cameras.


At the time of the tour, 200 American security personnel will take care of the security of Donald Trump. They will co-ordinate with all Ahmedabad Police and security agencies of the country.
Impenetrable security of Trump: Hercules aircraft reached Gujarat with 200 CIA agent-snipers
200 personnel of the US agency CIA have already made their control room in the stadium. Similarly, India’s security agency SPG and Gujarat Police have also created their own separate control room inside the stadium.


Keeping in view the tour, the Airport Authority of India will also be instructed to keep all flights coming to Ahmedabad for 3 hours before the arrival of the trump.

Ahmedabad traffic DCP Vijay Patel says that Parinda could not be killed even for the roadshow, such a security arrangement has been arranged. Before the roadshow, the entire road will also be scanned by the team of Bomb Squad.


Care will be taken from traffic management to air safety before the arrival of Donald Trump. Even the people who attend the road show will be checked. Its responsibility has been handed over to the local police.

To protect the trump, 10 thousand policemen will be installed. More than 10000 police personnel, including 25 IPS officers, 65 ACPs, 22 police inspectors and 800 sub-inspectors will be deployed in the security.

There will also be a convoy of about seven aircraft in air security. The convoy will have six more aircraft in addition to Air Force One, the official jet of the US President. It is being told that it will also have different helicopters, cars and cargo.

In fact, when a convoy of trumps runs in any country, they have their own security personnel, in addition to the local security personnel, who number in the hundreds. The internal security cordon is entirely handled by the security team of the American president.

Inner security usually consists of 14 vehicles. There are nine motor bike riders on the front and side, which are equipped with modern equipment. Are able to deal with any kind of crisis. It is their job to clear the road ahead.

This is the reason that the American Air Force has now taken over itself. In addition to Hercules aircraft, vehicles have also arrived.

Donald Trump and PM Modi will conduct a road show from Ahmedabad Airport and will pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi after reaching Sabarmati Ashram. Later, Trump will inaugurate the newly constructed Sardar Patel Stadium in Ahmedabad. This stadium has a capacity of gathering more than 100,000 people.



The view of Ahmedabad during Donald Trump’s tour will be worth seeing. Trump and Modi will remain in the 7 level security circle, as long as they stay in Ahmedabad, there will be no flying zone, helicopter will also be patrolled.


Every person who attends the program to be held at the newly constructed Motera Stadium will undergo a security check. People will not be able to go to Motra in any vehicle other than police vehicle. A separate arrangement of 2200 buses has been made for this.


President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump will reach Ahmedabad directly from the US and visit Mahatma Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram with Prime Minister Modi. After this, we will share the stage of ‘Chem Chom Trump’. Kem Chop Trump in Gujarati means – how are you Trump.

Here the security of Motera Cricket Stadium has been increased. An attentive arrangement has been made there from now itself. No one is going inside without investigation. The US Secret Service officials are expected to reach Ahmedabad soon.


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