Wed. Apr 1st, 2020





WASHINGTON! Republican senators are planning against (President trump impeachmints) advocating for new evidence by the Democrat Party in the Senate lawsuit against US President Donald Trump. While the Democratic Party’s chief prosecutor Adam Schiff has proposed a deadline of one week for the testimony of witnesses, the final bet of victory over the Republicans over the prolonging of the process.

Meanwhile, in the impeachment lawsuit, the day-long  (President trump impeachmints) intensive interrogation process involving White House lawyers and House prosecutors has been ended. Voting has now been prepared on the demand of Democrats to present witnesses. Republican Senator Lamar Alexander said, “I believed the Democrats had proved the president’s case for Ukraine but did not think that the president’s actions were inaccessible and could be voted against considering new evidence.”


Bolton’s testimony is important

America’s opposition Democrat Party is particularly keen on the testimony of former National Security Advisor John Bolton. This is because Bolton claims in one of his books that Trump had privately told him that military help to Ukraine was withheld to investigate his Democratic rival, Biden.



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