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It is very difficult for any human to forget first love. Similar is also the case with WWE’s star female wrestler Nikki Bella.


Nikki had an affair with WWE veteran wrestler John Cena for nearly six years. The two had a strong relationship and they got engaged in April 2018.

Nikki and John’s wedding was also scheduled in May 2018. But due to some reasons, their relationship suddenly broke up and they separated. 36-year-old Nikki Bella is now having a romance with 37-year-old star Doser Artem Chigvintsev from Russia.


But despite this, he has not forgotten John Cena yet. It was revealed by Nikki herself and spoke her heart.

Nikki said during an interview recently, first of all let me make it clear that hardly anyone has ever heard of the breakup from John’s mouth. It seems that the decision to separate the two of us was one-sided. It was my decision and I regret it.


Nikki Bella also said, our relationship was beautiful and John always supported me at every step. I can never forget his love and support. This makes me very sad and upset.


My family and I still love and respect John dearly. He is a great person. To be honest, I still remember him.









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