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WASHINGTON/HEALTH! The number of deaths due to the new virus like SARS in China ( MERS CORONAVIRUS) has increased to nine on Wednesday and so far it has reported about 440 cases in the country. National Health Commission Deputy Minister Li Bin said in a press conference that coronavirus is transmitted through the respiratory system and has led to “viral mutations” and further spread of the disease. Meanwhile, the US has confirmed the first case of the virus in the country.

The United States has announced the first case related to this in Seattle. At the same time, the World Health Organization has called a meeting today, taking this matter seriously.

US health officials said on Tuesday that a case related to the new virus spread in China. Federal and state officials said the victim is between 30 and 35 years old and has come to the US from Wuhan.

However the victim did not go to Wuhan’s seafood market, which remains the hub of the corona virus these days. He said that the person has been admitted to the hospital as a precautionary measure. Let us tell you that this corona virus has started from Wuhan city of China and is now reaching out of China as well.

Health checkups made more effective at airports

Officials at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the health check-up of passengers arriving in the US from Wuhan by plane from China would be carried out more effectively after the new virus-related case surfaced. According to officials, the virus-affected person has been kept at the Regional Medical Center in Washington.

The victim hails from Snohomish County, Washington. The victim landed at Tacoma International Airport in Seattle on 15 January. Earlier, no investigation was started at airports regarding the new virus. He was taken to the medical center on 19 January.

Officers investigating this matter ( MERS CORONAVIRUS)

US officials are now investigating which people the victim was in contact with during his journey from China to the US. Was any other passenger infected with this virus due to the victim?

Six died in China due to virus spreading from person to person

The mysterious corona virus is spreading from human to human in China. There have been six deaths so far. At the same time, an alert has been issued across the country after the number of people suffering from this virus has crossed 300.

WHO called an emergency meeting

The virus has spread to other Chinese cities, including Beijing after Wuhan. The World Health Organization (WHO) has called an emergency meeting on this today.

Chinese President Xi Jinping said in his first statement on the crisis that “the new Corona virus pneumonia spread in Wuhan and elsewhere is to be taken seriously”.

The head of the expert team in China has appealed to the government to do everything possible to control the virus. According to information from Geneva, the WHO will decide in its meeting whether the disease spread by the corona virus needs to be declared an international health emergency.

The Wuhan Medical and Health Commission has become cautious in this matter and has given instructions to identify people suffering from the virus in every area. So far six have died and another 25 people have been discharged from the hospital. But more than 900 people are under medical supervision.

Source of infection not detected ( MERS CORONAVIRUS)

The Chinese State Medical and Health Commission informed about the prevention of corona virus-infected pneumonia epidemic that the current epidemic is possible to prevent and can be controlled. But the source of the new virus infection has not yet been discovered and the means of infection have not been fully detected. Hence there is a dire need to keep a close watch on the mutations of viruses.

Thermal screening will be done at 7 airports in India

India, like all countries, has started making arrangements at its airports to be vigilant about coronaviruses. Special arrangements have been made at seven airports in the country including Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata to check passengers arriving from China. The testing facility will also be available in Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Cochin.

Passengers are being screened through thermal screening at these airports. According to a statement, inside flights coming from China including Hong Kong, it is announced that any passenger suffering from fever or symptoms of cold and any passenger who has traveled to Wuhan within the last 14 days will arrive at the airport immediately. Give information.






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