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Melania Trump was born on April 26, 1970 in Novo Mesto, Slovenia (at the time part of Yugoslavia) as Melanija Knavs, to Amalija Ulcnik and Viktor Knavs.





Melania Trump was born on April 26, 1970 in Novo Mesto, Slovenia (at the time part of Yugoslavia) as Melanija Knavs, to Amalija Ulcnik and Viktor Knavs.

She grew up in Sevnica, a town in the Lower Sava Valley, Slovenia. Melania attended the Secondary School of Design and Photography in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. She then studied Architecture and Design at the University of Ljubljana for one year before leaving to pursue a modeling career.


Melania Trump modeling in her home country of Slovenia, and other places in Europe, in cities such as, Paris and Milan, later moving to New York City. Melania is fluent in Slovene and English, and also speaks Italian, French, German and Serbo-Croatian.

On January 22, 2005, she married Donald Trump in Palm Beach, Florida. On March 20, 2006, she gave birth to their son Barron Trump in Manhattan, New York City. She became a US citizen in 2006.

With Donald Trump winning the Presidential election, the First Lady of America has become his wife Melania Trump. Knowledgeable of five languages, Melania has also once been in discussion about a nude photoshoot.

US President Donald Trump has been in controversy ever since he was elected President. But his third wife and the beauty of the US First Lady Melania Trump are crazy. Know some special things about them today …


Melania not born in America

After her marriage to Donald Trump, Melania received a US green card and became a permanent citizen here. Melania Trump was born on 26 April 1970 in Slovenia. Melania started modeling at the age of 16–17.


Trump has a third wife


Melania is the third wife of Donald Trump. She met him in 1998 at the ongoing Fashion Week in New York. At that time, he was the husband of Marla Maples but was living separately from them. You will be surprised to know that initially Melania refused to even give her phone number to Donald. Then somehow Donald change her.


Some talk progressed but Melania kept distance from Donald. Then a few years later in an interview in 1999, Donald accepted his relationship with Melania. At that time, Melania was seen promoting him in the Reform Party Presidential Nomination with him. Donald said about them, ‘Our tuning is very good. There is never even a debate between us. We have forgotten the word fight. We are together and made for each other.



After Donald Trump’s US presidential election came in 2016, Melania said in her campaign, ‘I inspired Donald to contest this election. I know how much they love the people of America and they can do a lot for them.


Such are Melania Trump


Melania was named Melania Noss before she married Donald Trump. After her marriage in 2005, she became Melania Trump.

Melania is 8 years younger to Donald Trump, Jr., Donald’s first wife, Ivana’s son.

Bill and Hillary arrived in Kilton at Melania and Donald’s wedding. At that time, Melania wore a million dollar dress, which took 550 hours to make.


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