Thu. Apr 2nd, 2020




The old saying that love never dies and a big example of this is American star TV celebrity KHLOE KARDASHIAN.

KHLOE KARDASHIAN had an affair in 2017 with Canadian basketball player Tristan Thompson. But fed up with Tristan’s romanticism and infidelity

In February 2019, KHLOE had decided to separate from him.


But it seems that she has not yet forgotten Tristan in her heart. Indeed,KHLOE recently celebrated Christmas and New Year’s party at his home. During this, he showed some memorable pictures and videos of 2019 taken with his whole family to friends.

After this, he posted a collection of all these pictures and videos on social media on Tuesday. The special thing is that there was such a picture in it, which caught the headlines. In this picture KHLOE was with ex-boyfriend Tristan and a one-year-old daughter.


As soon as this photo was posted, there was a flood of comments on social media. KHLOE’s fans were angry that he should not have posted his picture with Tristan because he is a fraud.

But for Tristan, the new year could not be a greater gift. He not only liked this picture but also posted many emojis filled with love. Indeed, Tristan had relationships with several women during the time KHLOE  was pregnant. The biggest controversy in it was Tristan’s affair with KHLOEs best friend Jordan. However, Jordan always denied these reports.










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