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Name- Ivanka

Birthday: Thirty October, 1981

Nationality: American

Famous: Professional female family members

Zodiac: Scorpio

Place of Birth: Manhattan, New York City, New York

Famous as: Donald Trump’s daughter

Length: A hundred and eighty cm

Spouse: Jared Kushner

Father: Donald Trump

Mother: Ivana Trump

Siblings: Baron Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Tiffany Trump

Children: Arabella Rose Kushner, Joseph Frederick Kushner, Theodore James Kushner

City: New York City

US State: New York

Education: Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown University




Ivanka Trump, is an American businesswoman, television personality, fashion designer and writer. A former executive vice president of the Trump Organization, she is more famously known as the first daughter of President Donald Trump and is the official senior adviser to the president. Before venturing into politics, she was known for her fashion and beauty line that promoted the Trump group. After the election of his father as President of the United States, She officially abdicated from his role in the Trump Organization and worked as an advisor to the President in an informal capacity. Two months later, She was formally appointed as an advisor to the President. She is currently seen with her father in important meetings around the world where Ivanka mostly speaks about policy changes in areas related to women and women entrepreneurship. Ever since Donald Trump assumed the presidency, Ivanka has accompanied him on several official visits to countries around the world. Apart from politics, she is actively involved in philanthropy and supports various charities. She has also published some self-help books. She is currently in Washington D.C. with his family.

Childhood And Early Life Of Ivanka


Ivanka was born on October 30, 1981, in Manhattan, New York City, to Ivana and Donald Trump. Her mother was a model and was of Czech-Austrian descent. Her parents divorced in 1992.Ivanka Trump has two siblings, Donald Jr. and Eric. She also has a half-brother, Barone, and a half-sister, Tiffany.


She studied at Chapin School until the age of fifteen and then moved to Choate Rosemary Hall in Connecticut. After completing his schooling,She attended Georgetown University and later transferred to the University of Pennsylvania. Ivanka Trump graduated in economics in 2004.


She started modeling during her teenage years and continued until her college. Ivanka Trump modeled for Tommy Hilfiger. She also did a ramp walk for Versace. She was featured on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, Seventeen and Vogue.


Before Politics, Ivanka

Born into a family of successful businessmen, Ivanka was naturally destined to channel her skills in this direction. She joined her family business at the Trump Organization in 2005 as vice president for development and acquisitions.


In 2006, she made her TV appearance when she applied for judge Caroline Ketcher in her father’s reality television program, The Apprentice 5. She eventually joined the sixth season of ‘The Apprentice’ as the primary judge.


Ivanka Trump Twitter

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Her entrepreneurial prowess was sparked when Ivanka Trump formed a partnership with Dynamic Diamond Corp and later launched Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelery in 2007. The brand is currently available in many countries including the UAE, Qatar and Kuwait.

She also launched her own fashion line which includes designer clothes, shoes and dresses. However, her fashion line received repeated criticism because it was alleged that they mimicked the design, were harmful to animals, and did not meet federal flammability standards. The brand was eventually dropped by several stores for victory after the election.


She performed several other TV shows including hosting the Miss Teen USA pageant, the documentary ‘Born Rich’ and ‘Saturday Night Live’. Ivanka Trump has also written a self-help book ‘The Trump Card: Playing to Win to Work and Life’. Written by Daniel Pacer in 2009.

Ivanka In Politics

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign formally began in June 2015 whereShe publicly supported his father. She performed publicly to defend her image. Sheserved the bridge gap between the part of the population that his father ignored, namely women and young voters.

She made more appearances in commercials and was later invited to speak with her father in several states.

His speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention was well received and his influence as a more patient person than Donald Trump was appreciated by many.


Following the election of Donald Trump as US President, there was speculation that Ivanka would play a role in the administration.

Some said she would be the first woman since Melania Trump stayed in New York to take care of her son. However, Ivanka said that she has no such interest. However, she stepped down from her post in the Trump Organization.

On March 29, 2017, She was appointed as an advisor to the President. Ivanka does not take any salary for this position. She goes on official visits to various countries with her father.







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