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Ivanka is emerging as Trump’s very strong woman. Many people discuss whether Ivanka will become her president in 2024, but will Ivanka become a president?


Ivanka’s date of birth is 30/10/1981, according to Radix number 3, Ivanka should go to politics.


They like to follow the path of goodness and truth. So they are not afraid to do any work. They perform their power at the right place and at the right time.

They are a symbol of strength, courage, perseverance. Mastery in struggle and concrete work. The success they get, others do not. If she goes into politics then her future will be very good


Radix 3 Number has proved lucky in his politics John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roswalt, George H. W. Bush also had Radix 3 and these people proved to be successful politicians.


If his Bhagyank number is talked about, then his Kukhy number is 5 and he can prove himself by becoming a successful politician with number 5.



Talking about Luso Grid, number 3 says that their family life will be very happy and they will never face any kind of problem in their life. Number 6 shows their knowledge that it is higher in their life Will work as a social worker with education


They have a vast ocean of knowledge, but they are very proud of this knowledge but people still like them a lot.


Number 9 shows his fame, he has achieved a lot of fame in a very short time.

Number 1 shows his career. Number 1 has come three times in his date of birth, which is a very good sign, it will be a success in whatever field you try luck.

Hardly anyone will be able to compete with their intelligence. If we talk about his health, then his vitality is good.


But diseases of the nervous system, skin related diseases, back pain and gout pain in the legs, sciatica etc. can disturb them.


Talking about lucky colors, purple, blue, red, pink colors are favorable for them.


IVANKA’s 41st, 43rd, 50th, and 56th years will be very favorable for you in the field of politics.



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