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HEALTH-AMNEWS247! In December, many people living (HISTORY OF CORONAVIRUS) around the sea food market of Wuhan started suffering from fever. For his test, the sample reached the Wuhan Institute of Virology National Biosafety Lab. Where the microscope of the scientist who was showing them. It was a sign of a deadly global threat to come.


There has been an outcry in China and now in the (HISTORY OF CORONAVIRUS)  whole world for the past 2 months about Corona. Corona has been entered from Iran to Italy and from England to America and now even in India. Just as the treatment of this deadly virus that has come out of China has not been found yet, the mystery of this virus has not yet been solved. So it is very important to get to the bottom of this virus. It is important to know when, how, why and where did Corona come from?

January 2019, Institute of Virology National Biosafety Lab. Wuhan, China

Scientists doing research on Ebola, Nipah, Sorce and other deadly viruses in China’s Wuhan Lab were noticing a strange virus in their microscope. Never before had such a virus been seen in medical history. After looking closely at its genetic sequence, it was known that they could be close to bats. Scientists were surprised because in this virus they were able to see similarity with SARS virus. Which caused an epidemic in China in 2002–2003 and killed more than 700 people worldwide. At that time it was also told that SARS spreads through touching and sneezing or coughing of infected person. But then China hid the virus.

First week of December 2019, Wuhan, China

In the early week of December, many people living (HISTORY OF CORONAVIRUS)  around Wuhan’s Sea Food Market started suffering from fever. Samples were sent to the lab for their tests. After which these samples reached the Wuhan Institute of Virology National Biosafety Lab. Here the microscope of the scientist who was showing them. It was a sign of a deadly global threat to come. But the Chinese authorities made doctors and scientists silent to avoid the atmosphere of slander and chaos.

Last week of December 2019, Wuhan, China

Dr. Lee arrived at Wenliang’s hospital with about seven patients from the local seafood market. It was Dr. Li Wenliang, who first alerted the world to this deadly virus. However, after seeing the symptoms of these patients, Dr. Lee understood that all of them had become victims of some unknown virus. He immediately alerted other doctors about this disease. And gave his report about this virus. Not only this, he also gave information on the WeChat app in the Alumni Group of his medical college. And asked everyone to warn their friends, friends and relatives about this but within a few hours the screenshot of their message went viral.

First week of January 2020, Wuhan, China

The world and China were immersed in the celebration of the new year. And right under his nose this virus was continuously spreading. 7 to 14, 14 to 21, 21 to 42. This number has reached thousand. But China instead of stopping it. He was trying to hide this deadly disease from the world.

25 January 2020, Institute of Virology National Biosafety Lab, Wuhan, China



Chinese New Year came after English New Year. To avoid chaos, China did not let the news of this deadly virus come to the fore. But inside, its investigation started in Wuhan’s Institute of Virology National Biosafety Lab. In this lab too, research was going on on the diseases spread by bats for the last several years. This research was because not only Wuhan and the surrounding areas have more bats. Rather, the practice of eating meat and drinking soup of bats and other animals was also strong. And till now, it was clear in the investigation that the deadly virus has spread through these bats only. Data from the study of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention were also pointing in this direction.



First week of February 2020, Wuhan, China

Meanwhile, Dr. Wenliang was not only constantly warning his doctor colleagues and people with this deadly virus. Rather, the victims were also treated on their own by keeping them in isolation ward. Meanwhile, these news started coming out of China and reaching the world. China too has now admitted that its country has been gripped by an epidemic named Corona. On the other hand, the Chinese government took cognizance of the message that warns of 34-year-old doctor Li who has gone viral. Sending notice and asking for a reply But Dr. Lee’s troubles did not end here. Shortly thereafter, he was accused of spreading rumors and had to apologize in writing. Meanwhile, the whole of China, along with Wuhan and the surrounding areas, was hit by this deadly virus. And the number of deaths from it was constantly increasing.


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7 February 2020, Wuhan, China

Suddenly news came that Dr. Lee, who gave the first information about Corona virus, has died. It was told that Dr. Lee was hospitalized from January 12. And on January 30, it was found that he has been hit by the corona virus. China said that there was an attempt to save them. But could not be saved. Wuhan Central Hospital said in its report that Dr. Lee died on February 7. The night took place at around 2 o’clock at 58 minutes. He was told that he had phlegm and fever. However, the anti-government groups believed that China had punished them for exposing the epidemic.


Application to kill patients!

This news also came to dominate because initially news had come to the Supreme People’s Court to kill 20,000 Chinese Corona victims. But both these news could not be confirmed. But what was confirmed in China. That was the truth of the most deadly virus ever exposed in the world. Which, till now, had killed thousands of people with their grip on sight.







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