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London.Prince HARRY AND MEGHAN   Merkel are believed to be on the sidelines for the British royal family. According to sources, Prince Prince Harry and wife Meghan Merkel were hurt by the way they treated him. Meghan was under increasing pressure due to differences and apartheid. Due to this, he decided to leave the royal status. People close to Harry Merkel say the two may have relinquished royal responsibilities citing economic freedom, but they took this step due to the situation arising in the family.


Had to plan out of the royal family

The creator of the documentary of Harry-Merkel’s tour of South Africa, Tom Bradby, says that in the absence of HARRY AND MEGHAN , work was being done to subdue the monarchy, which they were not part of. Recently a picture appeared, showing Prince Charles, William and his sons, including the Queen. HARRY AND MEGHAN came to know about the Queen’s photo with the ‘three heirs’. Also, while the Queen was giving Christmas messages, the framed pictures on her desk did not contain HARRY AND MEGHAN .
This made both of them feel that they were being excluded from the royal family. He then hinted to leave royal status.

Queen Elizabeth II called a meeting

Queen Elizabeth II has convened a family meeting of senior members of the royal family at the Sherringham Estate in Norfolk. It will discuss the subject of Prince HARRY AND MEGHAN leaving the royal legacy. This from Harry’s royal role. After the announcement of separation, this will be the first time that the Queen has Will meet you face to face.

Troubled behind the media (harry and meghan latest news)



A former Buckingham Palace official said that since the birth of Archie (HARRY AND MEGHAN ‘s son), the press had lagged behind him. Harry took legal action against The Sun in the phone hacking case. | Harry had said, “I have lost my mother and now I see my wife suffering in the same way.”

Used to joke

Meghan has also faced a lot of trouble due to her color in the royal family and Britain. She used to make fun of them. The BBC commentator even tweeted a photo of Meghan and Harry with the chimpanzee, writing that it was their child. After becoming the guest editor of a magazine Vogue-UK magazine, he was taunted that the Royals do not do such a thing. It was repeatedly felt that in 150 years, Meghan Ka’s family, coming from poor blacks, reached the royal family.



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