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Investigation of 68 girls getting their innerwear removed to check periods

Investigation of 68 girls getting their innerwear removed to check periods




INDIA/GUJRAT! After getting a sanitary pad outside a girls hostel in Bhuj district of Gujarat, a case of 68 girls getting their clothes removed for checking their periods has come up. There is anger among the students about this matter, so the parents of the girl students are ready to register an FIR in this matter. At the same time, the college administration is trying to suppress the matter.

68 girls getting their innerwear removed

This is the case of Sahajanand Girls College in Bhuj, where the warden of the hostel checked the girl’s period in the washroom by taking off the clothes and innerwear of the girls. In this case, the Dean of the college Darshana Dholakia said that this is a matter of hostels and it has nothing to do with the university / college. Everything that has happened has happened with the permission of the girls. Nobody forced girls for this. He informed that a committee has been formed to investigate the matter.

The controversy began when a used sanitary pad was found in the hostel’s garden. After this, Vardon suspected that some girl from the hostel might have done this and threw the pad out of the washroom window after using it. To find out which girl has done this, Vardan checked the girls by taking off their clothes in the washroom.


Let us tell you that hostels have rules regarding periods. According to this rule, the girl who has periods will not stay in the hostel. A place has been made for that girl in the basement of the hostel and will not meet anyone. Not only this, it is also forbidden to go to the kitchen and place of worship. During this time, the utensil is also different for his food. In the class, the girls have been instructed to sit back.

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