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Georgina has learned to be cool (GEORGINA RODRIGUEZ HOT) with the love of (ronaldo girlfriend georgina) Cristiano Ronaldo, who played Italian club Juventus in Ronaldo’s 35th birthday, as a gift to Mercedes’s club, Juventus.

When she first met Ronaldo at the fashion store, she was completely embarrassed in front of him. Even after the love story started, she remained extremely shy for a long time. But now with being a well-known model, she has become a social media sensation. He has more than 16 million followers.

Georgina surprised everyone with a bold dance in bold style at the music award show held in Taetro, Italy on Thursday. Everyone was surprised by his performance on stage. Ronaldo was also present during this time. He sent his lover to the stage with a bouquet of flowers with kisses.



Georgina celebrated Ronaldo’s 35th birthday the day before with great pomp. He gifted the prized Mercedes Benz-G class car worth six million pounds to the footballer with his modeling earnings.

He also posted a video of this on his Instagram. However, the news of his secret marriage with Ronaldo is again in full swing. Georgina called Ronaldo – husband in a congratulatory message after her birthday.

Italian magazine Novela revealed recently that the two had been married in a very private ceremony in Morocco in May last year. However Ronaldo denied it. But he has said that he will be married to Georgina.



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