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Melania Trump FIRST LADY TRUMP  is supposed to be the woman, but we really know from the model’s journey to Momere that Melania Trump takes a look at the astonishing condition of the Groovu Canals She was born Melania Canals.


Her father worked as a salesman and her mother Ammalia, a children’s friend, a childhood friend Marionjelinkik said, “I think I can call her too young for her, while the screaming was dreaming of a moving baby girl.” . Who was dreaming of attending Halograhi’s secondary school in Ljublanjalmanala.


How tired she is at the age, but when she first went to Hotogher, she could not find any shoes she could fit in, as she had no shoes, because she had very large feetthe other models. .


Feetside The Britsica Melania did the same as what she did in New York before she moved to New York to follow her American Dr., Aris and Tomodale in Milan. Memelia first struggled for landmodeling gigs, so the casting call, according to GQ, is going to the Forlin and Tobacco commercials, which Heritage Commentators could not have hired.


Her predecessor admitted that I think Eol will always do justice when they say that the way you were networking for the job, oh by the way, I was a successful model and I kinda Shot, yes they would only be risky, nothing but you see every year. Doaldin met then-28-year-old Melania Mehr, her future husband Donald Trump in 1998 during the Aarti.



She quickly started charging his numberwell after completing New YorkFashion Week, I didn’t give my number .


What I think She needed was a strong man, a father who buys a three million dollar ring, which tells of Hylosohia Melania after marriage.

I don’t think you need to live with your husband every daydream that their Aconias should do and then get together in the evening and share and exresenlife in the morning and have a great time when you know it’s hard. Toil and hard work



To end her art during her wedding, Memelia is active in creating the Kateissier line, and jewelry collections are also raising her son Baronmathery over Olive in a 2015-20/20 interview with Tramsburbers on ABC.

Barbels Wall questioned why Melaniaweiss is not more active in the campaign.




Well, I can’t be disheartened, I have completed a hundred years of camaraderie, but we have a young son with me, who is a baron, and I am doing him Israel and that is the age at which She is at home To play the most difficult role one has to work hard.



After the United States takes on the role of FirstLady, it will be America’s second foreign-born first Lady fact that has already led EOL to what she thinks about Husband’s immigration altries, which That the first maiden is like one of the Tohr’s main jobs, she will defile her husband



Because she has already done it in relation to her comment, the words my husband has used are derogatory and insulting to me. I know there is panic in my heart and mind and I will understand the ideology about it, because the important issues facing our nation are taken care of and the next Jackie Kennedy Melania around the world has claimed that she is Jackie Kennedy I will participate in a traditional program citing the first lady in an interview with.


It has been noted that JFK’s wife is very glamorous and extremely flawless in the history of her husband’s hilarirandofering. Katherine Gelinshawho studies first, she also pointed out that Jockey Kennedy is likely to play an important role.







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