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Before US President Donald Trump’s visit to India, the Shiv Sena (Donald Trump Visit To India ) has attacked the Modi government at the Center through its mouthpiece ‘Saamana’. Shiv Sena has written in the editorial of ‘Saamana’ that the President of America, ie ‘Badshah’, is going to visit India next week, so vigorous preparations are beginning in his country. The central government is seen holding consultations and consultations on what the ‘President’ President Trump may eat, what he drinks, his mattress-bed, table, chair, his bathroom, his bed, roof chandeliers. When the King or Queen of England used to come to the slave India, there was such preparation for their reception and the money was spent more than the coffers of the public. The same is happening about Mr. Trump or President Trump.

Donald Trump Visit To India

The Shiv Sena has said that the symptoms of its ‘slave’ mentality are showing through this preparation. President Trump It is not certain that ‘Dharmaraja’ or ‘Mr. Satyavadi’ of the world. He is a rich, industrialist and capitalist and the way we have big industrialists coming into politics or keeping politics on the strength of money, President Trump is of the same views. Currently, Trump is the only president of the powerful US.

Clinton, Bush, Obama have also been the first president. Now they are ‘East’. One day Trump will also have to say the former. Leaders who are president of America are considered ‘strong’ etc. during their tenure, in the same way there are trumps. Trump, are they some big intellectuals, administrators, thinkers of the welfare of the world? Not sure but the person sitting on power has the Gangotri of intelligence. One has to behave in the world only by assuming this. Baba does not move intelligently in front of power!


“If you get a chance, a donkey has to be called a father.” This is the practice of the world. That is why America is strong and its president also stays strong till he stays in the chair. Such a powerful American President is coming on a tour of India and President Trump and his wife are excited about this. It is not known how eager they are to welcome him in India or in direct Delhi. But Modi-Shah’s arrival of the trump in Gujarat is the first time there is curiosity. Some observers have raised objections to this curiosity.


Donald Trump Visit To India

It is written in Saamana that why President Trump is being taken to Gujarat first? It is difficult to find the right answer to this question. Modi has decided to take Trump to Gujarat first and his decision should be respected. The trumps will land at the Ahmedabad airport, so the ‘repair’ of the airport and the roads outside the airport has started. To do this repair, President Trump’s stage falls in Ahmedabad, it should be called historic. We read that President Trump is only on a three-hour tour and he is spending 100 crores from the government coffers. Asphaltization of 14 roads has started. New roads are being built.

Donald Trump Visit To India

But the interesting thing in all of this is that President Trump does not have the vision of the huts of the poor adjacent to the road, so that the construction of high walls like forts on both sides of the road is going on. From the eyes of Trump, this ‘national plan’ has been taken up in order to save Gujarat’s poverty and slums, it is beginning to be a sarcasm. Didn’t Trump see the other side of the country? The question is that Mr. Modi is the biggest ‘development man’. No one has done development in this country before them and more often than not.



Taking a dig at the Prime Minister, the Shiv Sena has said that Shri Modi has been the ‘big head’ of the state of Gujarat for 15 years and now the ‘big head’ of the entire country for five years, yet there is no need to build a wall to hide the poverty and plight of Gujarat. Why did you come? Such a question can also be asked in the American media. To celebrate Modi, ‘How D Modi’ program was organized in America before the Lok Sabha elections. President Trump had made an appearance in it. Now the Presidential elections have come in the US and a ‘Chem Chhoe Trump’ program has been organized in Gujarat calling it ‘Fittamfat’. This is a straight political plan. Many people of Gujarat are in America, to attract them.


The game of ‘Chem Chom Trump’ has been created for Trump. Yet it should not be politically opposed. Pra With the arrival of Trump in Hindusthan, the rupee will not deteriorate and the lives of the poor who are choking behind the wall will not come out before Modi took the President of China to Ahmedabad. Pra in same queue Mr. Trump President Trump is coming to our country as President of America, there is no effort in welcoming him. After all, this is political etiquette. They will be happy with ‘Chem Chomp Trump’. But our country is full of diversity. This is what the current president of America has to understand. Without landing the trump first in Delhi, which message does the government definitely want to deliver directly to Ahmedabad?

Will the walls built to hide the slums be demolished after President Trump’s visit to Ahmedabad? that is the question. There was a lot of ridicule earlier on the announcement of ‘Poverty Poverty’. The conversion of the same declaration is now seen in the scheme ‘Hide Poverty’. Are there separate economic provisions for the new financial budget? Will America give loan to Hindusthan to build such walls in the whole country?


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