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Washington! The US House Panel on Friday approved two charges against President Donald Trump. In this way, the process of impeachment against the President in the House of Representatives for alleged misconduct will proceed.


Democrats and Republican lawmakers voted in the House’s Judicial Committee by 23 votes against 17. In this way, Trump will become the third President in the history of America against whom impeachment action will proceed.


Earlier, Speaker Jerry Nadler deferred final voting on two articles of impeachment, abruptly stopping the hearing of the Judicial Committee of the House on Thursday night. He said that he wanted to give time to the members of the committee to ‘fumble’ his conscience on the evidence presented against the American leader. Surprised by this, Republicans accused Nadler of running a ‘Kangaroo court’, but Democrat Jamie Ruskin said he did not want to be accused of taking action against the president on such a night. He told CNN after the debate, “We wanted to do it during the day so that everyone can see what is happening.” There was a 14-hour-long debate on the issue, which was broadcast live.


This is the charge on Trump

Donald Trump is alleged to have illegally sought help from Ukraine to tarnish the image of his rivals, including potential rival Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. In this regard, the Democrats on Tuesday charged him under two sections of impeachment.
The Congressional Judicial Committee held public discussions on both these streams on Wednesday and Thursday. The impeachment process was initiated in September after an anonymous whistleblower complained about Trump’s phone conversation with Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zalensky, in July.

The chairman of the House Judicial Committee had charged

Jerry Judler, chairman of the ‘House Judiciary Committee’, alleged that Trump was trying to weaken the 2020 election for his own benefit. Meanwhile, President Trump said that the Democrats’ impeachment clauses are extremely weak and he also reiterated that he had done nothing wrong.
Trump said, ‘Republicans are together’


Earlier, Trump had told reporters at the White House, ‘Republicans are together, it’s a conspiracy. This is a disgusting thing, the Democrats have not been able to find anything special because they have kept two streams, which is very weak to say the truth. They are very weak.


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