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WHO said virus will not end with lockdown

WHO said virus will not end with lockdown



Rome / Paris / Washington. ! The number of corona 19-infected (covid 19 news)  patients has exceeded three million worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), as of Sunday, 3 lakh 16 thousand people have been affected in 169 countries, while the number of dead has reached more than 13 thousand.

In Europe alone the number of corona patients  (covid 19 news)   increased to 152,117. There are 53 thousand cases in Italy. The situation is so terrible that for the second consecutive day – more than 100 million people in more than 35 countries are imprisoned in their homes. Markets, shops, malls, pubs, parlors, restaurants, trains and roads remained listless.


Transport services have been completely halted. Italy is the worst affected by this epidemic, where the figure reached 4825 with around 793 deaths on Saturday. Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Sunday announced more stringent restrictions, ordering the closure of non-essential factories and factories. The Latin American country Cuba has sent a team of specialist doctors and nine to Italy.

Russia has also provided medical aid to Italy. After Colombia, now the Central American countries El Salvador and Guatemala have announced the Cup y. Australia is also considering implementing tougher restrictions. Locked down in Malaysia, army takes over Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia announced a lock-down for two weeks in (covid 19 news)  view of Corona’s threat. In order to enforce the sanctions, the army was launched on Sunday in all cities including the capital. So far 9 people have died here, while 3200 have been found infected. Singapore has banned the entry of tourists.

129 more people died in Iran

Tehran. The death toll in Iran has risen to 1685, with 129 more dead. While the number of infected people reached 21,638. Earlier, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamani turned down an offer of US help in fighting Corona. At the same time, the corona infection in African countries is less affected than other countries of the world.

1.5 million infection risk in Britain

London. 1.5 million vulnerable people have been identified in Britain who are most at risk from the corona virus epidemic. The government has advised to stay at home for three months. Meanwhile, the royal staff working at Buckingham Palace has been found infected with the virus. In Britain, the death toll has reached 233 and the number of infected people has exceeded 5100 here.

46 new cases in China again

There have been 46 new cases of infection in China. According to the National Health Commission, one of the 46 new cases is of domestic infection due to contact with a sick person from outside in Guangzhou. 34 found infected after religious conference in Malaysia.


Spain: Emergency increased, PM said and be ready for barely days

Madrid Spain has deployed an additional 52,000 health  (covid 19 news)  workers to quickly build temporary hospitals to combat Corona. A large number of them are retired personnel.

Prime Minister Trecho Sanchez said that the country should be prepared emotionally and psychologically for more difficult days. The emergency declared here has been extended till 15 April. Spain is the most affected in Europe after Italy with 1,378 more deaths. The Ministry of Health said, the number of infected people across the country has reached 25,496. The capital city of Madrid is the most affected region of the country. A Ministry spokesperson told, “No one knows when the outbreak reaches its peak.”

WHO said virus will not end with lockdown

London. No country can simply imprison its citizens to defeat the corona virus. World Health Organization (WHO) top emergency expert Mike Ryan said on Sunday, public health measures are needed to ward off the virus. The corona virus is not going to end with lockdown. Ryan says US trials for corona virus drugs and vaccines have begun.

A WHO virus-afflicted official said that the vaccine may take time to develop and develop in isolation.
Vaccines will come, but we need to find and get out. For this, we need to separate from doing what we have to do now. Ryan said, “We really need to focus on those who are sick, to isolate those who are affected by the virus.”


Contacters have to find and then. They have to be separated from the community. If we do not adopt strong public health measures now, the danger will increase. Lockdown cannot be done for a long time, if it is removed, there may be a risk of virus again.

Europe and America have followed China and other Asian countries. Imposed stricter restrictions to fight coronovirus. Everything home and schools, bars, pubs and restaurants have been closed to combat the virus.





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