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Coronavirus: Wuhan virus mentioned in 40-year-old book-The Eyes Of Darkness

Coronavirus: Wuhan virus mentioned in 40-year-old book- The Eyes Of Darkness



AMNEWS247! The panic of the corona virus persists throughout (the eyes of darkness) the world. This deadly epidemic has claimed thousands of lives. The danger is not yet over. A shocking thing has come to light amid this outcry. In fact, a novel that came out in 1981 has suddenly come under discussion. You will also be surprised to know the reason. It clearly mentions that in 2020 a disease will spread in the world that will fill the throat and lungs with infection. Not only this, the word Wuhan 400 Weapon has also been used with it. People wonder if 40 years ago its author got the impression of Coronavirus.


The Eyes Of Darkness

The book is titled Eyes Od Darkness, written by American author Dean Kuntz Dean Kuntz. It was published in the year 1981. The Wuhan-400 virus appears in this book. The page on which it is mentioned appears to have been written so clearly, as if it had been written by someone recently regarding the present day situation. It is mentioned in the book that the Wuhan virus has been invented as a biological weapon through a lab.



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This book was revealed like this

Darren Plymouth, a user of social media, first shared the cover page of this book and a photo of a page on his account. It highlights the paragraph in which Wuhan 400 is mentioned. He has captioned how strange this world is in which we all live.

No wonder of people

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People are surprised to read so clearly written about Wuhan. Although many people have described it as a mere coincidence, many people have described it as the foreboding of the writer.

This is the main theme of the book

The Eyes of Darkness is basically a thrilling novel. Its story is that a mother is searching whether her son was dead literally a year ago or is he still alive. She tries to find out the truth of her son.


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