Sun. Apr 5th, 2020





Brahma Kumari  Center Incharge B.K. Pratibha Sister has(BUNDELKHAND RATRNA)  been conferred with the title of Bundelkhand Ratna in a grand ceremony today. The award was given by Samaj Sevi Ajay Madan.

On this occasion, former medical officer Dr. VP Singh, Dr. JP Sharma, KP Chaurasia, Chandrika Prasad Ashok Vajpayee, Ritu Bhatia were also present.


Speakers have said that the name of our district has been brightened by BK Pratibha Sister receiving the Ratna Award. B’s genius has spread spiritual education to the masses.

BK Pratibha Sister said that Spirituality has no relation to any religion, sect or creed. Spirituality is about how you are inside yourself. To be spiritual means to experience life beyond materiality. If you see the same part of the supreme power in all beings of the universe, you are spiritual.


If you realize that no one else is responsible for your suffering, your anger, your affliction, but you are the creator of them yourself, then you are on the spiritual path. If all the good you do is contained in it, then you are spiritual. If you have lost your ego, anger, resentment, greed, jealousy and prejudices, you are spiritual. Regardless of the external circumstances, even if you are always happy and happy inside yourself, then you are spiritual. If you remain aware of your position in front of the vastness of this creation, then you are spiritual.


Being spiritual means that on the surface of your experience you know that I myself am the source of my bliss. Spirituality can happen in you, not in a temple, mosque or church. It is about finding yourself inside. This is for the conversion of oneself. It is for those who want to live every dimension of life with full vitality. There is unity and uniformity in existence and every human being is unique in itself. Recognizing and enjoying it is the essence of spirituality.


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