Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

North Korea has fired ballistic missiles – what will America do now

North Korea has fired ballistic missiles – what will America do now



INTERNATIONAL-AMNEWS247! South Korea’s military says (breaking news usa) North Korea has fired two short-range ballistic missiles. A few weeks earlier, Pyongyang had threatened to show a “new tactical weapon” and said the US deadline to relieve the embargo had expired.



This launch of nuclear-armed North Korea is taking (breaking news usa) place after more than three months and comes at a time when negotiations with the US are still stalled. The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) of Seoul said that these two missiles were fired eastward over the sea from the Wonsan area on the east coast and they covered a distance of 240 km at an altitude of 35 km.


A JCS official said they were “considered short-range ballistic missiles.” The President’s Office Blue House said South Korea’s security ministers have expressed “extreme concern” that North Korea is “taking action to escalate military tensions.”


Japan’s defense minister said that there was no sign of any objects falling or passing in their waters or in the Special Economic Zone, but said, “The recent frequent launch of ballistic or other missiles by North Korea is a serious issue.” ” The launch comes at a time when Pyongyang is struggling to fight the corona virus outbreak.







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