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 Best Anti-Pollution Anti Virus Face Masks

 Best Anti Pollution Anti Virus Face Masks



HEALTH-AMNEWS247! A face mask is not a fashion (antiviral face mask) statement of any kind. In view of today’s problem, it has become a necessity of the person. Every time you or any member of your family ejects somewhere, it is mandatory to wear a face mask to avoid the side effects of air pollution. Because of this, you cannot wear any ordinary mask in this way, but rather wear a good and air-pollution-resistant mask. Let us know which masks you can buy in the market.


The mask should be such that it can protect you from  (antiviral face mask)  viruses along with pollution. .. Today, Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc all over the world, but everyday work is also necessary, while leaving the house, do make a mask so that you can protect yourself from pollution and any kind of virus.

Keep these things in mind before choosing a mask:

  • The fit of the mask can be delicate. If the mask does not fit properly, you may have to compromise its dimensionality as well.
  • The mask should be certified enough to purify 95 percent of the air in PM 2.5. This certification must be American NOISH, which has stamped N95, N99 and N100, or European EN149 FFP2 or Chinese YY-0469.
  • Use only until the mask is available. As long as you are able to breathe in the mask correctly, then use it. Otherwise discard. This mask can be used properly for two to three days.

3- Layer Face Masks Dustproof Anti-virus Anti-fog Ear-mounted Disposable Protection Equipment

Main Features

  • Description:
  • Size: 17.5 x 9.5cm
  • Anti-odor allergy disposable mask
  • Features: Three layers of protection for effective filtering
  • Outer layer: non-woven material, inhibits dust and dust from degrading harmful substances
  • Middle layer: Melt-blown electrostatic micro-filtration layer, efficient filtration, isolation of fine particles from dust, droplets, etc, protection rate of 90 -95 percent
  • Inner layer: ultra-fine soft fiber, skin-friendly thickening and moisture-proof
  • Elasticity on both sides effectively reduces ear pressure
  • Better protection in smog, public places, and offices
  • Main ingredients: 3 layers non-woven cloth
  • Storage conditions: normal temperature and ventilated environment

Package :50 piece/lot

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